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Thanks for visiting my website...

I was born and raised in the South, where I graduated from the University of Georgia and began my career in the television and film world.  I have a passion for creating beautiful imagery through photography and motion pictures.  This passion has come with me out here to beautiful Colorado!


My wife, Rachael, and I met on a set many years ago and immediately clicked as artists and visually-driven entrepreneurs with a strong desire for adventure and an undeniable love for the great outdoors.   We worked up the courage to leave the daily grind of "set-life" in Atlanta, sell our house and make the journey to the Arkansas River Valley.  This journey has allowed us to settle into a new life that provided the freedoms we were missing in the city, while also allowing us the ability to continue our careers and focus on building our business from the ground up.  A challenge we have both found to be difficult and very fulfilling!   I am lucky to still travel to work on television and film sets all over the country, however, I found that I could connect with our local community and serve this space by getting involved in the wedding industry and utilizing my skills in a new way.  


Rachael is a hair and makeup artist who runs Face of Makeup.  She has worked on more than 750+ weddings in her 12+ years doing wedding hair and makeup!   She provides beauty services for brides and their bridal parties, while I specialize in photography and videography, capturing the love between two people and the celebration of their union!


With many years of experience in the field, I feel that I offer my clients a way to document these precious moments and gatherings with their family and friends, so that they may be able to relive the experience over and over again throughout their years together.  My place is always behind the scenes and it always has been.  This is where I do my very best and that is no different on a wedding day.  My goal is to be a silent observer with a camera in hand, documenting and preserving your memories for you.


I hope that I am able to work with you and help create a wonderful keepsake!

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